Hybrid plants development

Combination of different renewable and storage technologies to optimise the design and size to obtain the best technical and economic performance.




Renewable energy


Hybridisation of renewable energy plants


The development of hybrid plants is a capability that SOLUTE has been heavily involved in recently due to the worldwide need to reduce carbon footprints and promote the use of renewable energy, through wind turbine and photovoltaic projects the company has been carrying out since it was established.

This hybridisation capability consists of combining different renewable energy technologies in a manner that optimises the design and size of each one of these technologies so that their joint operation achieves the best technical and economic performance of the renewable plant.

The capability consists of determining the size and designing renewable plants that combine two or more technologies; solar PV, wind turbines and battery storage systems, with the aim of optimising power generation and improving the performance and capacity of the supply, for newly built as well as existing plants.


The desired result is the optimum design and sizing of the plant along with the expected results in terms of the production and economic viability of the system.


SOLUTE has more than 15 years of experience in the Renewable Energy sector and hybridisation is increasingly being developed in recent years as a result of the carbon footprint reduction process and the need to increase the supply capacity of the plants.

SOLUTE participates in all phases of the process, from the preliminary sizing to the final construction, supporting developers, operators and manufacturers.

Comprehensive analysis of the operation of the batteries, wind and solar production and energy market prices.


Technical / economic analyses are carried out based on the combination of the energy production of each one of the technologies, allowing to optimise the size and design of the plants as well as their operation, by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the operation of the batteries, wind and solar power generation and the energy market prices.

The final output is a technical report with the optimum solution and the most suitable design for the plant, describing all the steps that are carried out along with the modelling and the final results, including time series if applicable.


Measurement campaigns management

Design and management of weather measurements for renewable energy plants; wind as well as solar.


Energy and weather forecast for renewable operators

Weather and energy forecast service through the training of artificial intelligence algorithms.