Innovation is

our main motivation

We offer advanced technical solutions to the engineering challenges faced by different companies of the industry.

Featured projects

Aeroelastic loads calculation

Fundamental to both wind farm feasibility studies and the development of new wind turbines for onshore and offshore use.

Pedestrians´ protection

CAE development of a car body to optimise its design to avoid or minimise pedestrian injury in a potential collision.

Continuous software integration and deployment

Software engineering branches focused on increasing the quality and frequency of the iteration in the developed solutions and on having greater control over all the stages that comprise the software's life cycle.

Artificial Intelligence

Discipline based on the construction of computational artefacts that learn from experience through data use and that is applied to a variety of problems.

Our products

We believe research is one of the most important pillars of success. This is the main reason why we develop our own softwares.

Wind data analysis, wind resource assessment and wind farm layout and optimization design software in one interface.

Suite of industry-oriented digitisation-virtualisation services.

Aphelion is a multi-function weather forecast visualization platform, and a wind power and agrometeorology forecasting software.

TSR Wind develops robots for wind maintenance. It performs external and internal inspection services of tower blades and welds.

Areas of activities

An exceptional team comprised of engineers specialised in different areas of knowledge, focused daily on providing the best engineering solutions for multiple sectors.


We are committed to making a positive impact on the world through innovation and advanced technology in order to contribute to building a more sustainable future and guiding our customers throughout each stage of their evolution.

We stand by our customers as we guide them towards safe environments, providing reliable solutions that are guaranteed by SOLUTE's ISO certified quality management system.

Global experience

SOLUTE has created partnerships and entered into collaboration agreements with companies and universities worldwide with the aim of carrying out advance engineering projects that benefit the planet.

Join the team

At SOLUTE we are continuously investing in talent, and therefore, we are constantly seeking professionals and experts in different areas who wish to join our great team: a group of multidisciplinary professionals that are responsible, proactive and willing to take on new challenges through the development of projects and the designing of innovative solutions. Check our job openings and send us your CV.