Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has the power to revolutionise the way we live and work, and at SOLUTE we use it to develop solutions that enable a better and more sustainable world for us and future generations.

Game changer

AI is changing the game across industries. With its ability to analyse massive amounts of data and learn from experience, it allows us to both automate everyday tasks, freeing up resources for more meaningful work, and discover patterns and trends that are difficult for a human to identify. It is a technology that has the capacity to help advance some of society's main problems, such as climate change or curing diseases. That is why SOLUTE is strongly committed to its potential.

Ad hoc solutions

At SOLUTE we have a team of data scientists and engineers with extensive experience in solving problems of different nature. Starting from the client's needs, we study the feasibility of a solution based on Artificial Intelligence and, if possible, we work with them to create the product that best suits their objectives.

Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Following the same methodology, AI in SOLUTE comprises different capabilities.

Tabular data

Time series

Computer vision

Natural language processing

Recommendation systems

Cluster analysis