Our professionalsĀ“ high capacity, the diversity of sectors covered, the latest technology and the strong commitment to R+D+i, make SOLUTE a benchmark engineering consultancy.

Energy and weather forecast for renewable operators

Weather and energy forecast service through the training of artificial intelligence algorithms. Forecast for the optimisation of energy sales strategies and the planning of tasks on site.

Historical weather data for wind and solar resources

Developing of strategies inherent to Dynamic Downscaling with the aim of offering a wide range of different types of historical weather data.

Hybrid plants development

Combination of different renewable and storage technologies to optimise the design and size to obtain the best technical and economic performance.

Wind resource

Definition of a wind project at any stage of its development to reduce uncertainty and provide the client with the necessary technical and financial data.

Energy management systems and installation of renewable resources on the demand side

Strategic solutions for optimising energy consumption and save costs by part of the end user.

Root cause analysis (RCAs) of wind turbine components

Root cause analysis of a breakdown or failure of wind turbine components such as blades, bearings or multipliers.

Aeroelastic model generation by reverse engineering

We combine experience with specific reverse engineering know-how to generate an aeroelastic model without the data provided by the constructor.

Fatigue analysis in structural components

Assessment of elements subjected to cyclic loads of variable magnitudes, always lower than the extremes, to assess whether or not they can survive without failing during the established time said loads are applied.

Measurement campaigns management

Design and management of weather measurements for renewable energy plants; wind as well as solar.

Aeroelastic loads calculation

Fundamental to both wind farm feasibility studies and the development of new wind turbines for onshore and offshore use.

Design and implementation of SCADA and Condition Monitoring Systems

Web-based monitorization and control systems for real-time management of production process

Aerodynamic simulation for WRA

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools applied to the wind resource assessment (WRA) provides us with more detailed information about the wind potential in a specific area.

Road and access design

A capacity that defines and resolves access for the assembly and maintenance of the different components that constitute a wind farm.

Artificial Intelligence

Discipline based on the construction of computational artefacts that learn from experience through data use and that is applied to a variety of problems.

Web/ App development

Web / app development is the interface that allows the user to interact with a platform by communicating with the backend, which is the part that manages and processes the provided information to return the requested results through the app.


Frontend is the study of the components for creating, managing, maintaining and testing IT software, which can be defined as the logic programming required by all information systems to operate properly and provide the user with a practical and intuitive interface that enables them to use an application.

Ad hoc tools for clients

Data processing system with proven analytical capability to effectively satisfy client's needs


This discipline ensures the stiffness, stability and durability of the elements to provide customer's a sense of high quality.

Low speed impacts

Using finite element modelling (FEM), and thanks to simulation, we can obtain the most suitable part designs to reduce potential damage and save development costs.

PedestriansĀ“ protection

CAE development of a car body to optimise its design to avoid or minimise pedestrian injury in a potential collision.


Optimisation is the capability that arises from the need to design components that improve vehicle performance.

Procedure virtualisation for operating support

A system that facilitates an understanding of the instructions described in a document using virtual reality to enable them to be visualised.

Virtual visits generation

SOLUTE generates enriching virtual visits with technical and commercial content to optimise internal office processes in different sectors.