Wind Energy

While continuously researching and developing our resources, we partner with the force of the wind to collaborate in sustainable power generation that improves the quality of life of the planet and the people who inhabit it.

Renewable energy

Since our beginnings, SOLUTE has specialised in wind energy. Our entire history has led us to share the achievements of great companies of the sector and has made us an agent of change in the second wind energy revolution at a national level.

Complete life cycle

SOLUTE has participated in different life extension projects for the first parks installed in Spain and has been involved in the R&D departments for developing the current wind turbine models, carrying out an important role in the generational transformation of wind energy during the complete cycle. Forming part of this stage has helped us offer comprehensive engineering solutions within this field. Companies of great prestige, inside and outside of Spain, have chosen our team of professionals to lead different types of projects. Wind park manufacturers, developers and operators, rely on SOLUTE for specialised and quality engineering services to help them successfully achieve their goals.

Wind Energy Capabilities

Our skills applied to the wind energy sector are many:

Aeroelastic loads calculation

Road and access design

Wind resource

Measurement campaigns management

Aeroelastic model generation by reverse engineering

Structural components´ fatigue analysis

Root cause analysis (RCAs) of wind turbine components

Design and implementation of SCADA and Condition Monitoring Systems

Energy management systems and installation of renewable resources on the demand side

Aerodynamic simulation for WRA

Hybrid plants development

Design and certification of wind turbine foundations

Design and development of electric grid plans

Intelligent buildings and smart control of energy consumption

Design and certification of wind turbine towers

Aerodynamics in wind turbines

Study of welded and bolted joints

Wind turbine tower and foundation design Peer review & RCA

Life extension evaluation of towers and foundations

Design, optimisation and certification of turbine components

BIM Building Information Modeling

Tools for handling and transport in the wind sector

Smart Grid, micro-networks and transactive energy systems

Gear sizing and analysis