Engineering consulting

Our knowledge and extensive experience in R&D&I allow us to get decisively involved in the development of products for our customers within the mechanical/structural engineering field of application.


Industrial markets require existing and developing companies to seek efficiency in the designs of their products in order to be more profitable for the manufacturer, cheaper for the end customer and friendlier for the environment. Developers and manufacturers address these challenges from the start of the conceptual idea of the product, adding advanced finite elements simulation to the design process as the driving force behind the success of their developments. Advanced mechanical/structural analysis tends to govern the design process in highly demanding industries and sectors.

Forensic evaluation, reverse engineering and implementation of solutions

When complete or partial structural failures occur in a specific structure or component, complex analyses are conducted to reduce uncertainties and identify the possible risks. Deviations from the original design, improper structural analysis and finite elements models that are incomplete or inaccurate, together with bad interpretations of the boundary conditions or underestimated loads, lead to inaccurate results that may not be representative of the actual behaviour of the part.

Advanced engineering consulting capabilities

Every day more and more industries require advanced and specialised engineering consulting services in order to achieve an optimum structural performance of their products.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Root cause analysis (RCAs) of wind- turbine components

Fatigue analysis in structural components

Ad hoc tools for clients

Study of welded and bolted joints

Air conditioning for occupational safety in industrial environments

Artificial Intelligence

Nuclear plants dismantling assistance

Design and optimisation of structural components in nuclear power plants

Technical assistance for design deviations

Intelligent buildings and smart control of energy consumption