Weather services

Because of the increased exposure of industrial activities to the risks inherent to meteorological events, SOLUTE has created a brand of services that offers companies advice and efficient solutions to safeguard their decisions in this new paradigm.

For all industries

Driven by the need to obtain highly accurate weather data in the renewable energy industry, SOLUTE has invested heavily in R&D&I internally in order to improve the totality of the services it offers in this industry. However, although everything will begin with the specific need in this sector, SOLUTE has continued developing their skill in this area, as it can also be applied in any industry.


With SOLUTE's know-how in the treatment of meteorological variables, exclusive services are offered to users in different sectors through a consulting programme. If there are variables requiring analysis, a preliminary post-processing is carried out to include them in the delivery of results.

Meteorology Capabilities

Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and high resolution numeric models, SOLUTE develops a line of tools to support different industries.

Historical weather data for wind and solar resources

Energy and weather forecast for renewable asset operators

Weather forecast services