Solar Energy

We contribute to promoting sustainable energy through planning and development, the evaluation of solar resources and O&M of the entire life cycle of a solar project.

Renewable energy

Due to the trend experienced in recent years in terms of the increase in the number of renewable energy installations, SOLUTE is acquiring more knowledge and experience each day in this sector, including solar, allowing us to make our own small contribution in helping lower carbon footprints affecting our planet.

Complete life cycle

SOLUTE reduces this footprint by guiding our clients in all phases of the life cycle of a solar park through the TDD of the project, the park engineering, the design of roads, the structural optimisation of assets and aerodynamic studies of self-consumption projects.

Solar energy capabilities

Thanks to our specialisation, SOLUTE is proficient in a wide range of disciplines in the renewable energy sector. Specifically in the solar sector, the following are worth highlighting:

Solar resource

Structural systems design for PV plants

Energy management systems and renewable resources´ installation

Design of solar installation for self-consumption

Intelligent buildings and smart control of energy consumption