Software Development

Whether for internal solutions or customer service, the software development team has demonstrated extensive experience throughout their tenure. During each process, SOLUTE uses the most advanced programming techniques applied to all types of technology.

Ad-hoc solutions

Client requirements drive our professionals to adapt to different methodologies and languages, from the most veteran and tested, to those at the cutting edge, offering ad-hoc services and products to satisfy each need.


Following the innovative tradition of SOLUTE, we have developed tools for optimising internal processes as well as commercial products, which have required carrying out complex and highly advanced comprehensive developments. At SOLUTE we offer functional frontend developments for web platforms and mobile device apps, following the criteria marked by the latest trends in UX/UI. On the other hand, backend specialists carry out an optimum design of database and storage systems and of the processing logic of said data, applying Big Data and Dev Ops techniques, if necessary, which allow conducting short developments that are error free and with a high availability of the data. Lastly, the IT team takes care of managing the network and servers’ infrastructure, guaranteeing the connectivity and stability of the services.


Likewise, this multidisciplinary team has known how to evolve and stay at the cutting edge of the latest trends such as agile methodologies, version control and automation of tests to facilitate the collaborative development and subsequent maintainability of the projects.

Software Development Capabilities

Our experience in different businesses allows us to apply a wide portfolio of solutions to specific problems common to most industries.

Ad hoc tools for customers


Web/ App development



Data processing and analysis

Automation of software tests

Continuous software integration and deployment