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Kaizen methodology

The Kaizen methodology: applying small changes for significant results.

Blades' damage detection through AI

During the last months, SOLUTE has been working in collaboration with TSR Wind in the creation of an Artificial Intelligence model for wind turbines' blades damage detection and classification.

Participation in Wind Europe 2023

SOLUTE attended the event as an exhibitor for the first time, held in Copenhaguen from April 25th to 27th.

The PTA project has been granted to SOLUTE

This project consists of the development of an unmanned aircraft propelled by a fuel cell powered by ammonia.

Allocation of CDTI call for audiovisual and videogames

The project focuses on creating tools to support the development of interactive applications and virtual reality, as well as their integration into other products.


Deep Learning on the Edge for predictive maintenance and demand response of wind farms.

Visitas Virtuales - Kit Digital

Visualisation of environments to improve the user's shopping experience and encourage sales.

Aphelion - Digital Kit

Weather forecasting for the agricultural sector and renewable industry.


Virtual reality for wind farm personnel training and evaluation.


Weather forecasting web platform