We drive innovation.

We bring the future closer.

SOLUTE is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm with main offices in Spain; specifically in Madrid, Barcelona, Badajoz and Toledo. Since our beginnings in 2006, we have gained experience and know-how in different sectors, from aeronautics to automotive, specialising ourselves primarily in renewable energy, where we believe there is great potential and where we have focused our main challenge of building, together with our customers, a better world for all.

Our mission is to provide quality services to different companies seeking technical solutions that are advanced, innovative and efficient. These initiatives have been designed and offered for operating as well as R&D projects, in which we are strongly committed, both inside and outside the organisation, to provide added value to our professionals, the companies that have placed their confidence in us and society in general.










Years of experience

At SOLUTE we are focused on providing companies that rely on our skills, an exceptional service, with high quality standards and a remarkable technical excellence. Following the principles of active listening, comprehensive advice and constant collaboration, we care for the needs defined by our customers to guarantee the success of each project.

We are committed to offering turnkey contracts, which entail a complete involvement in the processes in which we participate, from the conceptual idea to the final solution, using our know-how to anticipate, avoid and handle unforeseen scenarios with our know-how.

Through strong teamwork, our consultants contribute to meticulously satisfying each demand, creating synergies between skills and disciplines, both at our own offices as well as at our customer’s facilities, nationally and internationally

We believe the best solutions are devised by great people and professionals: How can we help you?

"Our mission is to provide quality services to different companies seeking technical solutions that are advanced, innovative and efficient"

Our History

SOLUTE was established in Madrid in 2006 by José Marín Palacios, president and chief executive officer of the company, who currently has a consolidated management team that assists him in his adventure of promoting innovation. Together with more than 150 engineers and experts providing support to the business, we are rowing together, with strength and determination, towards a more favourable destination for all.

Although we started as an aeronautical services engineering company, we quickly expanded to different areas, with more of a focus on renewable energies (especially wind) where most of our efforts are focused today. We also provide services to other key sectors such as the automotive, railway or nuclear sectors, with essential collaborations from different areas of knowledge, among which software development, virtualisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are worth mentioning.

In 2017 we opened an office in Barcelona and in 2022, in Badajoz and Toledo. In the past year, our workforce has increased from 100 employees to more than 150. Our professionals are working on projects with national and international scopes, in Europe as well as Asia, America and even Africa.

Also, midway through 2022 we acquired company TSR Wind, which has enabled us to widen our portfolio of services to offer inspections of blades and towers through robotics engineering.

Our Values

  • Talent:

    Team of professionals, young and experts, highly qualified to provide quality services in compliance with the required standards and with a focus on exceeding expectations.
  • Innovation:

    Research and development of innovative projects that contribute to the evolution of technology and the improvement of our solutions.
  • Excellence:

    Combination of experience, know-how and technical rigour, which are added to high doses of commitment and perfection in the execution.
  • Trust:

    Our customers speak of our good reputation by placing their confidence in us and expressing satisfaction with our ability of proactively satisfying any of their needs.
  • Diversity:

    We have multidisciplinary employees involved in the different areas of knowledge to provide a high added value to the different initiatives, always with an open mind when facing any unforeseen event.

International Scope

SOLUTE is based in Spain, although its vision goes way beyond. We collaborate in engineering projects around the globe, in more than 20 countries on different continents, as our desire is to contribute to the wellbeing and improve the quality of life of men and women in any part of the world through technological development, innovation and the intelligent use of our natural resources.

Investing in innovation

Our vocation for technological development has driven us to get involved in R&D&I initiatives as part of programmes financed by government agencies. There are large projects promoted by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI is the Spanish acronym) with important innovative components such as RED.ES or RETOS, and the Investigo Programme, for attracting expert professionals.

Through RED.ES, the Virtual-Aero (Virtual reality and haptic technology for the intelligent management of wind power generation installations) has been presented, with the subcontracting of "Fundación Instituto Internacional de Investigación en Inteligencia Artificial y Ciencias de la Computación" (Air Institute).

Through RETOS, EOLIAN has been promoted, Deep Learning on the Edge for predictive maintenance and in response to the demand for wind power installations, a product that is gaining way thanks to the advances made in collaboration with the USAL (University of Salamanca) and Proyecta Renovables Control, S.L. (PROYECTA, Ávila).

Likewise, CDTI endorse SOLUTE products such as Furow, Solumet or Aphelion, a weather forecast web platform.

On the other hand, we are part of the Investigo Programme for the hiring of technical professionals with specific knowledge in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems for the Virtual Aero project and others requiring similar skills.

Constant Learning

At SOLUTE we are always evolving as we are aware that we live in a constant state of flux and, for this reason, it is necessary to adapt to the latest technological advances as they emerge.

That is why we collaborate with TECNATOM in an online training platform, SOUL HOOD, which allows us to teach specific knowledge about wind energy to different stakeholders with courses generated for each need.

On the other hand, we have at our disposal COSMOS, an internal training software so that our professionals are aware of every new development and we can respond to any demand required, both for our own projects and for those proposed by our customers.


Aware of the needs and demands of the market and the sectors in which SOLUTE operates, we have become certified in several ISO standards throughout the years. Specifically in 2020, SOLUTE became certified in ISO 9001:2015, from which a Quality Management System is derived; in 2021, in ISO 27001, which guarantees an information security and data processing infrastructure, and in 2022, in ISO 14001, which enables to properly manage the environmental impact of the organisation.