Digital Kit

SOLUTE is registered as a Digitisation Agent associated to the Digital Kit Programme. Thanks to the European funds "Next Generation EU" within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, it offers digitalisation services to its clients.


CATEGORY: Process management

Virtual tours of real environments, with interactive content for training and as a sales tool.
  • Complete tour inside establishments
  • Map of the estancia for quick travel
  • Interactive multimedia content (videos, audio, documents)
  • Automated booking options and space management
  • Scalable, upgradeable and integrable with other platforms

Price: from €2000


CATEGORY: Website and Internet Presence

We create your internet portal to publicise your business and expand your customer base by making your services more visible.
  • Design, creation and maintenance of web pages
  • SEO management and improvement
  • Simplified content management

Price: from €500


CATEGORY: BI & Analytics

Use your data sources to get up-to-date and interactive information on your business metrics to improve decision making.
  • Integration with various data sources
  • Viewing statistics and graphs
  • Creation of structured and visual panels
  • Data export and reporting

Price: from €1500