Civil engineering
Complete civil engineering services applied to different industries

We have a skilled civil engineering team, specialized in complex projects. They excel in structures for wind and solar plants, with a strong track record. Services cover all stages from conception to construction, including optimization, certification, and technical support

SOLUTE has a multidisciplinary civil engineering team with experience and capacity to tackle complex projects of various types. However, its most prominent specialization lies in the development of structures required for the implementation of wind and photovoltaic power plants, where it boasts an extensive track record participating in numerous projects.

SOLUTE’s services encompass various stages of development, from conception, feasibility, and pre-design to the construction design phase, component optimization, and certification, as well as technical assistance in construction and service contracting, and inspection during construction and operation phases.

Moreover, SOLUTE’s versatility includes the development of root cause analysis, repair procedures, life extension studies, and dismantling.

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Civil engineering

We highlight our civil engieering capabilities in key areas such as:

Wind energy

For designing the foundations and anchoring systems for wind turbines, ensuring stability and longevity in various terrains and weather conditions.

Structural mechanics engineering

For designing and constructing nuclear power plants, including containment structures and safety systems to mitigate potential hazards and ensure environmental protection.

Solar energy

For designing and constructing solar panel support structures and optimizing land use for maximum sunlight exposure.

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