Multi-function virtualization services for different industries

We offer asset virtualization services, such as solutions for operation and maintenance, operator training, simulation, and reverse engineering under our brand EVE

We provide virtualization solutions that include interactive simulators for technical training (web-based, desktop, or virtual reality), mobile tools to support field operations with augmented reality, and 3D scanning (laser or photogrammetry). These services enable the creation of detailed virtual site visits, digital twins for maintenance planning and replacements, and reverse structural analysis with numerical simulation. 3D scanning is crucial in creating simulators and operation tools, replicating real environments for effective training and advanced operational support.

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Application to several industries under our brand


Applications in medical training, rehabilitation therapies, and surgical simulation.


Training for assembly lines, maintenance, and product visualization or configurators.


Architectural visualization, simulation, and progress tracking of construction projects and renovations.


Development of simulators for technical training, experiential learning, and distance education.


Simulation of small aircraft, control panels, and procedures.


Optimization of manufacturing processes and simulation-based tools.

Virtual visits

We create interactive experiences that allow users to visualize the distances and proportions of a space. We generate personalized virtual tours, which can include: videos, narrations, photographs, 3D objects, educational content, and more.

Our innovative approach to creativity and interactivity extends across various sectors, from wind energy, manufacturing, industrial locations to immersive, general site-specific virtual tours.

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