Operation & maintenance
O&M services for wind farms

Our team covers all the necessary steps to carry out a complete process of operation and maintenance of wind farms through manual, robots and drone procedures

During a wind farm´s operation and maintenance (O&M) phase, we contribute to the industry by providing the ability to analyze preventive maintenance plans and the results they display in order to optimize them, being able to space them out more and therefore achieve optimization of the maintenance performed by the client, resulting in reducing costs in O&M.

We also collaborate with our clients in the development of new maintenance procedures, such as the design and manufacturing of a relubrication suitcase that will automate and facilitate the task of relubricating the gear motors. This new task will extend the service life of the gear motors.

Additionally, SOLUTE collaborates in the development of TSR Wind robots for internal and external blade inspection, and ultrasonic inspection of tower welds. Our team of O&M covers the following capabilities:

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Operation & Maintenance

SOLUTE'S O&M affiliate company

Engineering and robotics applied to wind energy inspection services

Spanish engineering firm specialized in wind turbine inspections through robotics technology, ensuring state-of-the-art quality and data-driven solutions.

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