Electrical and control engineering
Transmission lines, substations, control, SCADA, cms

Design of all electrical infrastructures for renewable energy, control strategies, and smart solutions.

SOLUTE has solid knowledge and capabilities of designing low/medium/high voltage electrical networks for the evacuations of wind farms to the Point of Connection (PoC). In this context, electrical engineers of SOLUTE are joined with the civil and mechanical designers to provide a comprehensive and complete network design.

SOLUTE performs all the technical calculations of the electrical lines, including the required towers height, conductor and insulator types, sag tension, coordination of each tower, etc. and provides technical plans to the clients. Moreover, SOLUTE is capable of designing 2D and 3D models of electrical substations for wind farms or any other electrical sectors. Using Substation Design Suite and Autodesk Inventor, SOLUTE designs a comprehensive 3D model of the substation.

Additionally, vast experience of SOLUTE engineers in SCADA and CMS enables them to participate in national and international projects for wind farm control strategies and structure health monitoring. This is based on strong capabilities designing and developing web-based HMI and SCADA systems.

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Structural mechanics engineering

Application to several industries

Wind Industry

Design and calculation of electrical lines and substations for evacuation of energy.

Wind Turbine Control

Electrical cabinets design for wind turbines control and monitoring strategies.

Solar PV plants

Calculation of AC/DC – LV/MV voltage centers, transformers, inverters, switchgears for solar park evacuation.


Intelligent building and smart control for building levels.

Energy Management

Optimization of energy consumption and generation in large scale (DSO/TSO), network balancing, etc.

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