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Software development solutions to power your business

We possess extensive capabilities in software development due to years of experience in customizing solutions for various industries.

Software development is the discipline that studies the components necessary for the creation, management, maintenance, and testing of computer software. It can be understood as logical programming that every computer system requires to function properly and allow users to enjoy the functions of an application through a practical and intuitive interface.

One aspect of software development is process automation, which replaces iterative and manual tasks with reliable and optimized functions over time. These functions can communicate with different data sources, process them, and return the results in the required format, transparently to the user.

The developed tools can be executed as separate programs or as a library of functions integrated into an existing toolchain. According to user specifications, the tools can be hosted either on a local machine or on a distributed server, accessible through a communication network.

Often, the main challenge faced by any project is the large amount of unmanageable data for extracting information and repetitive tasks of loading, analysis, and calculation of results. In addition, the use of inadequate, inefficient, or restrictive interface applications leads to workflows with poorly connected processes and differences in data format between them. Therefore, the most important part of Ad-Hoc tool development is the concern for the client’s needs, adaptation to the platform on which the development will be implemented, and knowledge about the data to be handled.

SOLUTE´s experienced software development team has the capability to carry out the following services applied to different industries:

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Structural mechanics engineering

Our approaches

Our large software development team applies its capabilities to both internal R+D projects and ad-hoc clients´ projects

Research & Development

The development of Aphelion Weather and Furow were possible because of the internal software development team. As of today, these tools are now commercialized globally

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Ad-hoc solutions for clients

We have extensive experience collaborating with different industries by developing ad-hoc solutions as form of mobiles apps or platforms

Wind energy
Other industries
Up-to-date in the industry methodologies
Software & tools

Our work and 15-years experience in the industry has allowed us to gain knowledge over a great variety of tools and work methodologies. Thus, we are specialized in the use of the most advanced development softwares which are involved in several disciplines: programming (PyCharm, Spyder, IDE Matlab, RStudio and Visual Studio), version control (Gitlab) and databases (MySQL and Oracle SQL).

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Wind energy
Research and development
Energy forecasting