Learn about our core values, objectives, and the journey that has shaped us into who we are today.

Who are we?

We like to emphasize our multidisciplinary character as a company. Throughout our history, we have primarily specialized in wind energy and automotive industries. These are our main knowledge fields, where we accumulate more than 10 years of experience working for some of the most important manufacturers and agents in the industry.

Additionally, we specialize in other sectors within the energy and mobility industries, such as solar, nuclear, railway and aerospace, apart from meteorology, and heavy and machinery industries. This, added to our experience in a wide variety of more than 12 areas of knowledge, confirms our always-evolving mentality to keep exploring and gaining knowledge in new fields.

Another pilar of our success is our global reach, since we have successfully executed projects in more than 20 countries, earning the trust of some world-leading companies in different sectors.

At SOLUTE, research and development (R&D) is our operations’ backbone. Since our company’s launch, we have pioneered several in-house developed tools, which are now offered as products to clients and industries. Among these are Furow, a complete wind resource software, and Aphelion, a weather and energy forecasting platform, as well as many others that are available in the R&D section.

Finally, another essential part of who we are is our people. SOLUTE is composed of experienced senior engineers and experts, as well as young, talented engineers, forming teams with multidisciplinary skills and an innovative perspective.

SOLUTE is a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy firm with over 15 years of experience, headquartered in Madrid. Our success comes from our technical expertise and the diverse teams at the core of our operations.


Our history

Founded in 2006, SOLUTE initially was born as a consultancy offering aeronautical engineering services.

However, recognizing the shifting dynamics of various industries, SOLUTE’s management and leadership understood the always-evolving necessities to diversify its technical capabilities and expand into new areas.

Thanks to our capacity of adapting to the needs of the industries and areas we work in, SOLUTE has experienced constant growth throughout the years, being thus involved in a significant increase of its services and projects portfolio, workforce and infrastructure. 

Our specialization in new sectors and fields came along with an increasing volume of projects and, as a consequence, our workforce kept growing each year to reach our current 120 employees. This led to the requirement of a more complex and defined structure we have today, counting on specialized departments and responsible for each area and industry.

Our infrastructure also required to take bigger steps, which led us to expand by opening an office in Barcelona in 2017, as well as new offices in Badajoz and Toledo in 2022.

Additionally, a remarkable milestone is our strategic acquisition of TSR Wind in 2022, a robotics company specialized in wind energy industry inspections. This move expanded our service portfolio, enabling us to offer cutting-edge robotics engineering solutions for blade and tower inspections, further solidifying our position as innovators in our field.

These last years have been incredibly fruitful and have allowed us to learn and become an established company in the industry. In a fast-changing world and with our vision in the future, we expect to be always growing, innovating through our R+D projects, and diversifying our sectors even more.

Our vision

“To be the preferred engineering consultancy for companies seeking innovative and high-value solutions, contributing to the technological and sustainable development of society through our activities.”

Our mission

“To provide multidisciplinary solutions on a global scale through the technical rigor and expertise of our engineers, ensuring the quality and excellence of our work in every project.”

Our core values

Our figures

Our projects´ development in more than 20 countries, for some of the most important clients globally in the industries in which we operate, added to our almost 20 years of experience, make us one of Spain’s leading engineering consultancies.

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Meet our team

Pedro Ruíz

Technical director

Concepción Aláiz

Key account manager

Federico de Peralta

Commercial director

Ángela Vergara

Human resources

Trusted by

our world leading clients

Our clients choose us not only for our technical proficiency but also for our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships built on integrity, transparency, and mutual success.

Trusted by

our world leading clients

Our clients choose us not only for our technical proficiency but also for our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships built on integrity, transparency, and mutual success.

Collaborating with

industry partners

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Collaborating with NREL through the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC)


Aware of the needs and demands of the market and the sectors in which we operate, we have been certified in several ISO standards throughout the years.

In 2020, SOLUTE was certified in ISO 9001:2015, from which a Quality Management System is derived to demonstrate our quality and capacity to meet the needs of its clients. In 2021, in ISO 27001, which guarantees an information security and data processing infrastructure to ensure its confidentiality, integrity and availability. In 2022, in ISO 14001, which enables to properly manage the environmental impact of the organization. And, lastly, in 2024, in ISO 45001, ensuring proper occupational health and safety management with the aim of preventing occupational risks.

We keep working to obtain new certifications in the future, in order to formally demonstrate our capacities, commitment, and our structure’s consistency.