Computational fluid dynamics
CFD services applied to several industries

We specialize in optimizing fluid dynamics for enhanced efficiency in various sectors, including transportation and renewable energy. 

Due to the incipient growth of climate change and the constant search to improve technology, the aim is to enhance its efficiency at all levels, including aerodynamic performances, cooling, or air conditioning. Much of today’s technology is subject to the action of fluids, which has a direct impact on their operation, both by opposing displacement (drag) and by flowing internally for a specific purpose (cooling, air conditioning, etc.). This gives rise to different particularities that affect the correct operation of new designs.

The transportation sector is continually designing and developing new vehicles which offer greater competitiveness, seeking to improve their aerodynamic performance, which has a direct influence on operating costs. More aerodynamic vehicles mean lower fuel or electricity consumption, reducing associated costs. Other aerodynamic characteristics to consider are noise and vertical force. The former is of relevance for occupant comfort and the latter is especially important in vehicles that must operate at high speeds, such as sports cars or high-speed trains. For its part, knowledge of wind behavior in various terrestrial regions makes it possible to evaluate the site assessment (WRA) and obtain the best and most optimal layout for wind farms. 

In order to minimize the adverse circumstances and enhance the favorable ones, an analysis methodology and an advanced level of mathematical modeling with a high degree of detail is required to provide optimal results, this methodology being computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

SOLUTE performs these analyses, ensuring an efficient fluid behavior focused on the required needs.

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Structural mechanics engineering

Application to several industries

Due to our multidisciplinary, we apply our CFD capabilities in the following areas: 

Wind energy

For components calculations and wind resource assessment studies


For engine cooling, aerodynamics optimization, and HVAC calculations

Hydraulics industry & machinery

For speeds, temperatures, and pressure calculation in hydraulics systems

Civil engineering

For interaction assessements between wind and structures

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