Wind resource assessment (WRA)
Site assessment, energy calculation, and micrositing services

We cover the entire project life cycle of a wind energy project, providing comprehensive support during its extensive development phase, from initial planning and design to implementation and ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance throughout.

SOLUTE supports its clients throughout all the stages of their onshore and offshore wind farm life cycle. Starting from the project design phase, all the way through development, construction and management, the primary aim is to optimize profitability while effectively managing risks.

With more than 15 years of experience in the wind sector, SOLUTE has been supporting different stakeholders, from developers to manufacturers and operators, participating in the development of 1.5 GW/year on average.

Through Furow, our own wind resource assessment software, we carry out studies that cover the integral design of a wind farm. This includes the analysis of wind data provided by meteorological masts, wind resource calculation through physical modeling of the sites, micrositing, layout optimization and production assessment including curtailments an uncertainties. These studies are also applicable to hybrid plants with other energy sources.

In parallel, capabilities such as the management of measurement campaigns through the installation of meteorological masts and LIDAR, the design of the complete wind farm infrastructure considering environmental constraints and the development of technical due diligence for public tenders and private developments are carried out.

We cover the entire entire project life cycle, thus, we can help you in:

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Wind resource assessment

We cover the entire project life cycle during the development stage

By working with manufacturers, power generators, developers, promoters, and several more key companies in the industry, our team has the expertise carry out projects during whichever phrase is in.

Data Analysis

Even from the very first stage of a development project, our experts conduct in-depth data analysis of wind data


We carry out WRA & EYA calculations with our own certified tools


From EYA, wake losses, site compliance, environmental studies, and more our engineers can work on projects at these final micrositing stages

Our complete WRA software


One of SOLUTE´s most notorious accomplishment has been the development of Furow, one the market´s most complete wind resource assessment software.

Furow encompasses the most important phases within the development stage of a wind energy project. This includes, from data analysis (met mast, reanalysis, among others), to the wind resource calculation, both lineal and CFD model, and all the aspects included within micrositing, such as: wake losses, EYA, shadow and noise analysis, site compliance, financial analysis, and several more.

Our engineers´ experience has been one of the most relevant reasons that has taken Furow into success within the industry. Their years of experience, precisely, along with the time dedicated to creating the software, has resulted in a complete, accurate service for our collaborations with different companies and their projects worldwide.

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