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Our diverse aerospace professionals possess expertise spanning various fields, applying their knowledge to different sectors within the aerospace industry.

We have been involved in aerospace industry since our beginnings. We performed many structural analyses for big manufacturers such as Airbus, AERNNOVA and ALESTIS. Since then, we have evolved and are able to develop our own products, now in the field of the unmanned aircrafts.

ZEROeVTOL is a project aiming to design, develop and manufacture two unmanned eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircrafts. They will be powered by fuel cells and, in collaboration with other companies inside a consortium, we are working to get our place in a fast-growing market.

In collaboration with TSR Wind, we are developing a methodology to inspect wind turbines using a commercial drone. The goal is to be able to perform a fully automated inspection and postprocess of the wind turbine using both visual photography and thermography to detect diverse damages.

Our engineers have broad experience in carrying out the following capabilities:


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Automotive services

We highlight the following disciplines

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design (UAV)

in which we have been participants in many R+D project developments.

Automated inspection by UAV

in which we are currently deploying a fleet of drones for quick and reliable inspections

Structural assessment for aircrafts​´ components

With more than 15 years working for the aviation supplier industry

to the latest technology

In collaboration with our affiliate company TSR Wind, we are currently working in the development of a drone capable of performing automatic inspections of wind turbines externally, without the need to position the turbine blades in a specific manner. This will decrease the workload of workers and optimize the inspection route that the drone needs to follow.

Always at the
forefront of innovation

ZEROeVTOL represents an ambitious initiative dedicated to the creation, advancement, and production of two unmanned eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft. These cutting-edge vehicles will harness the power of fuel cells, propelling us forward into a growing market. Through collaboration with a consortium of esteemed companies, we are diligently striving to secure our position in this rapidly expanding industry.

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