Structural and aerodynamic calculation of a vehicle or its parts, specializing in numerical simulation to reduce costs and risks in manufacturing and design process

SOLUTE’s more than 15 years of experience have allowed us to become a CAE services first-level supplier for several sectors, including the automotive industry, where we have solid experience working in all areas within numerical simulation.

During the last years, the automotive industry is progressively transitioning from physical prototypes to simulation models in vehicles design and testing processes. This methodology implies several benefits within the parts design optimization and validation process, as well as time and financial costs reduction in the design´s early stages, and risks and error mitigation in the manufacturing process.

SOLUTE has thus specialized throughout the years in a wide range of disciplines within numerical simulation, such as the structural calculation of any component or the whole vehicle over endurance, crash and vibration tests, as well as both internal and external flow dynamics calculations, among many others.

Currently, our expertise is guaranteed by our collaboration since 2008 with some of the biggest OEMs internationally, as well as components design and manufacturing companies, working in a great number of projects in Europe and North America. This has allowed us to gain wide knowledge over the use of a large variety of tools and work methodologies, along with experience in the industry.

As a result, our team dedicated to automotive services has grown significantly during the last years, currently counting on 20 specialized engineers with full-time dedication, of which more than 50% are senior engineers.

Multidisciplinar team

Software and tools

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Automotive services

Wide variety of disciplines

SOLUTE actively participates in every discipline within the numerical simulation field, counting on a more than 12 services portfolio

Pedestrian protection

low speed crash

high speed crash


interior modules

add-on stiffness

Passive safety sensors

Structural optimization

Components CAE dev.

aerodynamic analysis


motor cooling

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Our services’ technical diversity and our customers’ satisfaction has led us to collaborate since 2008 with some of the most important manufacturers and groups internationally. This includes a 10-year collaboration with the Volkswagen group, being SEAT Cupra one of our most relevant clients, apart from our work with other manufacturers, as well as components design and manufacturing companies such as SMP, Idneo, Megatech…

Up-to-date in the industry methodologies
Software & tools

Our work and 15-years experience in the industry has allowed us to gain knowledge over a great variety of tools and work methodologies. Thus, we are specialized in the use of the most advanced CAE software which are involved in every step of the process: preprocessing (Ansa, Hypermesh, Loco2), simulation (Pam-Crash, Abaqus, Open Foam, Epylisis, Nastran, Ansys) and postprocessing (Meta, Hyperview, Animator 4).

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