Mechanical Loads Assessment (MLA)

Aeroelasticity in the wind sector

We carry out site-specific mechanical loads assessments (MLA) to ensure wind turbine structural integrity and both onshore and offshore site suitability

One of the departments with most experience within SOLUTE. This competency is crucial for the feasibility study of future wind farms, improving the performance of wind farms in operation, as well as for the development of new wind turbines, applicable both onshore and offshore.

SOLUTE works with its engineering teams on the development of new configurations with the aim of adapting them to new, different, and increasingly demanding operating scenarios. On the other hand, these engineering teams also work on the necessary feasibility studies prior to the installation of a wind farm, under specific site conditions, both onshore and offshore. Likewise, reanalysis is also carried out during the operation and maintenance phase with the aim of improving the performance of the wind turbine.

Through aeroelastic models that define the wind turbine from both a structural and aerodynamic perspective, load calculation involves quantifying the forces and moments that the structure undergoes during its exposure to all wind conditions, or wind and sea conditions, and during operation throughout the wind turbine’s lifespan.

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Mechanical loads analysis

MLA are a fundamental expertise in which we support:

Applicable to all phases of a wind project, we collaborate with the stakeholders involved in the development of both onshore and offshore wind energy projects.


We work on the validation phases of new wind turbine designs, feasibility studies prior to installation, and during servicing.

Operators or developers

We assess the conditions to which the wind turbine was subjected for root cause analysis.

We analyze loads in every WTG operational condition




Fault occurrence during production


WTG start up


Normal stop (shutdown)


Emergency shutdown




Fault ocurrence while parked


Transport, assembly, maintenance and repair

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