Automotive is one of the areas where SOLUTE has more experience and a greater number of clients, thanks to our knowledge in a great variety of disciplines from the advanced numerical simulation field.

Our more than 15 years of experience has allowed us to become a CAE services first level supplier for several industries. This also includes the automotive sector, where our services’ technical diversity and our customers’ satisfaction has led us to collaborate for more than 10 years with some of the most important manufacturers and groups internationally.

SOLUTE has been involved throughout the years in a great number of projects for clients both in Europe and North America, gaining wide knowledge over the use of a large variety of tools and work methodologies, along with experience in the industry.


Within the computer numerical simulation field, SOLUTE has been providing solutions for the automotive sector since 2008 in order to improve different brands new designs’ safety and quality. It is to say, in an industry as dynamic as automotive is, new tendencies and quality demand increase requirements by clients have forced the brands to reinvent themselves and optimize every development and implementation aspect of their new models. And that is where SOLUTE plays an essential role, by actively participating in every discipline within the numerical simulation field, from the structural calculation of any component or the whole vehicle over different endurance, crash and vibration tests, to both internal and external flow dynamics calculations, either in the top manufacturers development centers, from their own offices or through mixed teams.

The excelent rating as suppliers that we receive from manufacturers has given us the opportunity to also work with components design and manufacturing companies, frequently standing as their simulation department, as many of them do not have any specialized team for this area.

The transversal collaboration between components suppliers and manufacturers has led many times to the participation of SOLUTE as an active part between both agents, standing as the communication link between them and coordinating the design proposals decisions.

Furthermote, during the last years, with the arrival of the SUV, the ecological transformation to hybrid cars (electric and gas) and the new 100% electric cars, SOLUTE has managed to contribute through its experience and adapt to the new market needs and the security requirements increase, that makes it much more difficult to find reliable cost-benefit solutions.

Competences and resources

As a result of our experience and workload in this industry, SOLUTE’s workforce that is fully dedicated to automotive sector projects has considerably grown during the last years. This, added to the excellent feedback from the companies we have worked with, has led us to make strategic decisions such as the opening of new offices near some of our more important clients’ headquarters.

Currently, SOLUTE has a multidisciplinary team of 30 specialized engineers with full-time dedication to our customers from the automotive industry, of which more than 60% are senior engineers. This team is experiencing constant growth, due to the increase of the number of projects from this industry during the last years.

Our engineers are specialized in the use of the most advanced CAE software and tools which are involved in every step of the process: preprocessing (Ansa, Hypermesh, Loco2), simulation (Pam-Crash, Abaqus, Open Foam, Epylisis, Nastran, Ansys) and postprocessing (Meta, Hyperview, Animator 4).

Automotive capacities

SOLUTE is specialized in a great variety of capabilities within the simulation disciplines that are related to a vehicle’s or its components design and development.

Pedestrian protection

Low speed crash

High speed impact


Interior modules


Add-on stiffness

Passive safety sensors

Topological optimization

Aerodynamic analysis

Motor cooling

Components CAE development

CAE vs. Test correlation