Capturing reality

EVE, a suite of digitisation and virtualisation services specialising in the industrial sector.

EVE, we bring the real world to virtual reality

Incorporate the latest trends in virtualisation into your business. EVE has a wide range of services applicable to a multitude of sectors, from virtual reality simulators for training, through environments and objects 3D scanning, to procedures virtualisation. All these solutions and many more completely customised for your company.

Discover all the services offered by EVE:

We have two types of scanning:

  1. Component scanning: incorporation of real objects into the virtual world. We make a scan of the object that is exported to CAD. It is ideal for reverse engineering and metrology. It allows detailed information to be obtained on discontinued components.
  2. 360º scanning: spaces scanning that are exported as point clouds and 360º photos. Allows spaces measurement and  3D models creation for later use in applications.

By scanning, we obtain collections of spatial data that allow us to create geometric reproductions and digital twins of industrial assets. This procedure is applicable to BIM processes, virtual replicas for property valuation, virtual tours and the creation of simulators for training purposes.

We create interactive experiences that allow the user to observe the distance and proportions of a space. We generate personalised virtual tours that can include videos, narrations, photographs, 3D objects, educational content, etc.

Digital replicas of the geometries of each component and object in the environment are generated based on the complete point cloud and the 3D spherical photos already taken. To ensure the desired fidelity of the replica, each action is collected within an inspection.

EVE allows environments and situations to be replicated through virtual simulators in the most realistic way possible. Thanks to total immersion through VR, the learner carries out different tasks, tests their response to emergency situations and repeats procedures as many times as necessary. We can also include an assessment to test the knowledge acquired. This type of training allows the user to access the course at any time and from anywhere.

EVE is in a permanent process of innovation. It is currently working on several projects aimed at reducing development times, immersive experiences through 3D sound and haptic devices, creation of wearable devices to measure constants, scenario evaluator through AI, etc.

EVE makes it possible to replicate a procedure artificially. Through a succession of steps, by means of an animation, we explain in detail how to carry out an operation. These guides are very useful both in training and in operation, being able to describe to an operator a complete procedure in an exhaustive way.

Why EVE?

  • Reduce time and costs
  • Material available 24/7
  • Interactive learning
  • Learning by doing
  • Personalised and immersive experience
  • Accurate measurement of spaces and objects
  • Minimises risks and accidents
  • Automatic evaluations
  • Real-time database connection

A solution for any device

EVE adapts to computer, tablet, web applications or VR glasses depending on the consumer's needs. It can be hosted on SOLUTE's servers or the client's own.

Applications of virtualisation and digitalisation services

The virtual reality, augmented reality and digitalisation services offered by EVE have applications in many sectors:

  • Industry

    Instruction in environments that are difficult to access, highly dangerous or unbuilt prototypes to execute safety protocols.
  • Medicine

    Training of healthcare personnel with simulations of real procedures and situations. Didactic material with 3D objects.
  • Education

    Allows immersive practice of procedures, repetitions and evaluations.
  • Real estate

    Carrying out spaces´ virtual visits and scanning for real estate´s valuation or marketing.
  • Architecture

    Spaces scanning for BIM processes or large spaces precise measurement.
  • Tourism and travel

    Virtual tours for hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. Virtual tours of tourist destinations for commercial purposes.
  • Prototyping and product development

    Objects scanning for reverse engineering, product development or analysis of discontinued components.
  • Digital Twin

    Creation of digital twins to study an object behaviour under different conditions.
  • Culture and art

    Immersive virtual tours of museums and galleries with embedded information.

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