For this reason, specific CFD analysis must be performed using high resolution meshes jointly with advanced turbulence models to ensure the correct distribution of air flow. This flow distribution is crucial since the engine demands large amounts of air with enough speed to promote an effective heat transfer.

With this kind of software, one can provide an accurate description of the flow to calculate turbulence, streamlines, mass flow and other valuable results that may be usable in other design stages.

We provide advanced postprocessing with multiple options of data visualization which enhances the comprehension of difficult fluid structures that arise in aerodynamics. We make easy what is difficult to see at first sight.

Solute’s capabilities include detailed studies according to client’s requirements. In special cases a more advanced description is needed, and our broad experience allows meet the most challenging demands.

Solute minimizes the computational cost and maximizes the accuracy of the results by means of the design of the best-fitted mesh, specifically designed for each project.

Blades operation support

Working with the biggest wind turbines manufacturers has provided Solute a wide experience in Wind Energy sector and now, are the wind farm owners who ask Solute for its support to understand, improve and optimize the operation of the most critical components of a wind turbine.

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Optimization techniques are pushing the industries to a whole other level.

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