Structural mechanics engineering
Structural mechanical engineering applied to different industries

Our expertise in structural-mechanical engineering enables us to optimize machine and structure performance across various industries, using advanced tools and customized strategies for cost-effectiveness, longevity, innovation, and efficiency

There are numerous energy and economic industrial sectors which base their production, service, and performance on the operation of machines and structures according to certain established patterns.

Structural-mechanical engineering is used for the development and design of key components in each sector, employing advanced tools that allow understanding structural performance and guide in achieving set objectives: machines and structures with lower manufacturing costs, longer operational life, new designs, optimal performance, and better efficiency, among others.

The approach is involved and variable depending on the typology of the problem being addressed, but our extensive experience allows us to successfully tackle it by dedicating the best strategy. Our team crafts well-rounded solutions designed to meet the needs of your building assets both now and in the long term.

The most relevant sectors and components targeted for application are:

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Structural mechanics engineering

Application to several industries

Across diverse industries, we leverage our expertise in structural mechanics engineering to enhance the performance of machinery and infrastructure

Wind energy

To ensure energy production with a reliable machine from development through conception to operation and maintenance.


To minimize costs and development timelines for new models while guaranteeing the achievement of functional objectives.


To achieve designs that meet the specifications defined by each case and client.


To successfully address the development of new plants and future challenges in the sector.


To tackle any challenge in the development of machines and structures and address issues related to operation and maintenance.

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