Integral consulting

Solute provides the complete service package from the design phase to contracting assistance, construction services, assistance during operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. Our integral DNA allows us to cover every aspect from a wind power project: technology suitability assessment, tender support consulting services, asset audit of merchant operations, financial and economic feasibility studies, technical due diligence and project management.

Wind resource measurements

A reliable quantification of the wind resource is crucial when developing wind power projects. An accurate study and trustable estimation of the wind resource helps to mitigate uncertainties and evaluate the site when the decision process is being made.

Our expertise allow us to perform wind resource campaigns, measurements, site prospection, forecasting and class and subclass studies. Solute delivers expert consulting services to model and simulate winds considering all the physical phenomena (climatic, meteorological and topographic) that affect the wind resource available in a site and therefore the potential energy production.

Our wind team can select the best type of turbine -technology suitability assessment- and the optimum wind farm layout according to the wind resource assessment in order to extract as much yield as possible for a certain location. Studies of physical phenomena such as wake effects, shadow flicker or noise assessment among others are also considered.

Product development & owners engineering

Wind turbines and its auxiliary means for transport, assembly or lifting, require advanced engineering in order to fulfill intense certification requirements. Solute provides component design, certification and verification by providing advanced engineering consulting, CAE and product enhancement and streamlining (costout). Solute is also leader in the design, development and certification process of steel, concrete and hybrid wind towers and innovative and cost-effective foundations for wind towers.

Solute’s wind team has the capacity to provide class or site specific wind loads from a specific turbine by using aeroelastic models. In addition our software team implements control software for wind turbines and defines the wind sector management policies.

During the design phase our integral capabilities let us lead the configurating the wind turbine micro-siting, design the civil works and develop substations and electrical networks of a wind farm.

Lenders engineering and risk management

Risk management is one of the key elements in any commercial investment such as renewable energy projects. Our broad capabilities and expertise gained since our inception allow us to be a step ahead of any technical challenge through our Technical Due Diligence services, regardless these are predictable or unexpected risks. Over the years, Solute has assisted with transaction management to minimize the risks through identification, evaluation and assessment of technical issues.

Solute offers TDD for specific wind power projects such as energy production, manufacturing and production processes, certification of wind turbines and its components, contract assistance and analysis of design solutions among others.

During the construction phase, a deep review of the documentation, designs and procedures of the supplier prevents our clients from suffering unforeseen risks that can be avoided by an adequate study. A crucial doublecheck confirming compliance by parallel calculations, reviewing drawings and specifications along with site visits and inspections are essential for wind energy projects.

As a representative of the project lender, financer or EPC contractor, we provide an independent technical assessment based on project finance milestones and paying special attention to the risks that might affect both OPEX and CAPEX estimations.


O&M planning and optimization shall be done according to specific and treated information. For wind energy projects, Solute offers systems monitoring and business intelligence services as they play a key role when analyzing wind farms performance and product features. An adequate Technical Due Diligence can be done by performing a Root Cause Analysis so inexpensive actuations can be achieved. Structural Health Monitoring prevents, in most cases, both from energy losses and expensive actuations and retrofitting on the structural elements of wind turbines.

When the problem has not yet been detected and a structural pathology arise, Solute has expertise in assessing reparability, designing structural retrofits and provide technical assistance during the ongoing works.

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