Ad Hoc solutions

Massive data does not provide information unless an adequate and structured analysis is performed.

In Solute we work hand to hand with our clients in order to fulfill their needs and obtain the adequate and valuable information within their data.


Complex processes require complex analyses so specific decisions can be taken business wise. Real-time statistics, industrial processes and operations need to be transformed into simple and controllable variables, so a friendly and more manageable information can be used in the decision-making process. Minimum errors mean greater results. Here is where Business Intelligence plays a critical role.

Processing real-time information allows data managers to visualize instantaneously the performance of their businesses. In Solute, we believe that the goal is to be ahead of the problem by detecting it with sufficient anticipation, so prevention is still possible and cost-effective solutions can be taken. Neural Networks and other advanced machine-learning algorithms make this approach possible. Our team keeps pushing their limits by learning new and innovative techniques day by day. Keeping operation expenditure (OPEX) as minimum as possible is the goal both for established industries and sectors under development.

When special attention is paid on the already owned and postprocessed information, faster and more reliable decisions can be taken. The course of the business development team can then be adequately corrected.

Our experience in different businesses allow us to apply a broad portfolio of solutions to specific problems that are common for most of industries.

In Solute, we believe we can help you with that.

Blades operation support

Working with the biggest wind turbines manufacturers has provided Solute a wide experience in Wind Energy sector and now, are the wind farm owners who ask Solute for its support to understand, improve and optimize the operation of the most critical components of a wind turbine.

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Finite element modelling

With more than ten years of experience in Structural Calculations, Mechanical Design and Finite Element Modelling, in Solute we accompany our clients in their projects, providing them with adapted solutions to their needs.

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