We provide fully certified designs including all required and verified documentation for structural elements for wind energy projects. The challenge is to provide our clients the optimum design regarding to its cost and feasibility during construction.

Selection of an appropriate foundation typology and an optimal foundation design are key issues for the economy of a wind power project. Our approach to structural consultancy services allows us to focus on reducing risks and working smarter from day one of our projects, through: providing both practical and innovative consulting services, and building hand-in-hand relationships with our clients, who then benefit from our full lifecycle experience at every step of the design.

We value the relationships we have with our clients, looking beyond the project scope to ensure that risks are mitigated in the longer term.

Optimized foundation designs provide solutions with overall BOQ savings having a significant contribution in CAPEX reductions.

Solute supports its clients all over the project design combining cutting-edge project knowledge and experience with a realistic approach to risk mitigation and construction development issues.

According to our experience, construction details acquire transcendental relevance against possible pathologies that may arise along structures lifetime. Optimal and maintenance-friendly designs are possible thanks to our know-how and experience acquired during years.

3D modeling of reinforcement bars, preassembled bolt cages, conduits, tubes and auxiliary means provides a valuable information that prevent in advance from interferences between elements prior construction starts.

Applied CFD aerodynamics

One of the fundamentals in the aerodynamic design of a car is the study of how the air enters through the under-hood and distributes around the different elements of a car that must be cooled down.

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Optimization techniques are pushing the industries to a whole other level.

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