The main component of a wind turbine is the blade. A failure in a wind blade would cause a bad performance of the wind turbine that means a loss of production or a catastrophic failure of the entire wind turbine. Thanks to its experience in the design and manufacturing of composites, treatment of data and FEM models, Solute is assisting the wind farm owners in the issues related to the wind blade operation for blade’s lengths between 20 to 50 meters.

Some examples of the projects our experts are dealing with are: statistical treatment of the data collected during the inspections of the blade root connection to stablish the optimum period between each inspection, structural validation of the blade root repairs proposed by the manufacturers, evaluation of the possible protection systems to mitigate the effects of the erosion on the leading edge based on the damages detected during the blade’s inspections and analysis of the root cause of the rupture of a blade.

Detailed blade failure
Root cause analysis of the rupture of a blade

FEM blade root connection
Structural validation of the reparations proposed by the manufacturers.

Instalation leading edge protection
Supporting in field for the evaluation of different leading edge protection systems.

Leading edge erosion
Evaluation of the damages detected on the blades.

Traction test
Blade’s materials characterization.

Low speed crash

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Applied CFD aerodynamics

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