Pedestrian protection

Explicit simulations are performanced to ensure protection of different body parts during an undertake. Our target for every project is always to reach the highest standards of protection by getting a 5-star qualification from the Euro NCAP tests.

Low speed crash

Damage and reparability are paramount features to become a cost-effective car design. Low speed crash tests represent a broad range of occurring impacts situations at different speeds and different impact testing devices (AZT, RCAR Bumper and pendulums) that requires the complete vehicle simulation in FE.


The crashworthiness of a vehicle’s body structure plays a vital role in fulfilling the requirements of legislators, international consumer tests programs such as EURONCAP and insurance companies.


Comfort and lightweight requirements in vehicles are constantly increasing being these opposing specifications. Weight reduction on the latest car concept designs often makes it more susceptible to undesired vibrations.

Interior modules and add-on stiffness

Interior modules must meet various functional demands. These include requirements relating to vehicle safety, stiffness, strength, durability and comfort. The inner surface of the add-on parts is a visible characteristic of the quality of each car.

Passive safety Sensors

Sensors in vehicles, used in real crash tests, allow the acquisition of crash pulses (acceleration-time histories), which are subsequently used for crash simulation on an acceleration sled system.


To be competitive and also cleaner, vehicles need to lower their own weight. At the end of the process, the result maintains or even improves function parameters, optimizing weight reduction.

Aerodynamic analysis

The aerodynamics simulation consists on a full car model placed in a computational wind tunnel analyzing different flow incidences (crosswind).

HVAC and Motor cooling

A proper operation of the HVAC system of the vehicle is critical. Aspects like the correct distribution of air through the conducts are of a great importance to correctly defrost the windscreen and the rest of the windows.

Air Flow distribution through the under hood is computed with the aid of more advanced turbulence models. Calculated at maximum velocity and a certain velocities of interest.


Optimization techniques are pushing the industries to a whole other level.

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Civil works

Solute provides expertise from the initial conceptual stages, where the optimal solution is determined, through to the detailed design phase to the supervision of the ongoing works along the construction and lifetime of wind structures.

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