Industrial markets force both existing and under development products to pursuit material-efficiency in order to be cost-effective for the manufacturer, cheaper for the final customer and greener for the environment. Product developers and manufacturers approach these challenges since the beginning of the product’s conceptual idea by adding advanced finite element simulation to the design process. For high-demanding industries advanced mechanical analysis tends to rule the design process.

Solute interacts with its clients, the design team and the manufacturer so an excellent performance of the product under study can be achieved. An adequate study of the problem plus a broad experience in R&D projects and the use of applied mechanics allows Solute to reach optimum solutions during the integral product development process.

Solute offers integral and optimization studies of mechanical components by studying the geometry, judging functionality and imposing appropriate boundary conditions and restrictions. At the end of the process, the result maintains or even improves its functionality, optimizing weight and reducing costs.

Forensic evaluation, reverse engineering and solution implementation

When global or partial structural failures arise on a certain structure, complex analyses shall be performed to reduce the uncertainties and delimit possible hazards.

Deviations from the original design, inadequate structural analysis and uncomplete finite element models along with misinterpretations of boundary conditions or underestimated loads lead to inaccurate results that might not be representative of the real behavior of the piece. Performing Root Cause Analyses (RCA) helps pointing out and reducing as much as possible the actuations to be performed and consequently cost-effective decisions can be taken.

Low speed crash

Vehicle safety has been marketed increasingly by independent organizations such as EURONCAP which test the vehicles to rate car safety. These tests boost car manufacturers to enhance the safety of their cars.

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Optimization techniques are pushing the industries to a whole other level.

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