Wind farms design

In order to get the maximum efficiency, wind farm designs must be done considering all the effects that will affect in the operation of the wind turbines.

We have worked with many types of wind turbines (propellers, horizontal and vertical axis turbines, direct drive WTG, equipped with full power converter or doubly fed induction machines and so on) discerning all operative principles and are capable of doing sound recommendations of the best technology to be used in each occasion. Besides we have a versatile civil engineering department which studies the foundations that manufacturers recommended in standard conditions against site conditions to make sure structures are solid and reliable. In the case foundations are not valid, our engineers redefine the element to enable installation.

Blending in all the experience we have in wind resource assessment and micrositing makes Solute the completest consulting agent to deliver wind farm design. When developing these type of projects it is crucial to bare in mind the local legislation and international standards on wind turbines and their installation. Local studies regarding environmental impact and social acceptance are chief aspects that could put a project back if not addressed properly, local involvement in the project is always beneficial and Solute strives to find the adequate partner. 

The services that Solute provides in this area are:

  • Calculation of the specific wind parameters in wind turbines for a specific location.
  • Class and subclass definition of wind turbines according the standard IEC 61400-1.
  • Full micrositing studies or wind farm design, determine the optimal layout  of wind turbines so as to maximize full use of wind energy potential.
  • Analysis of environmental constraints: noise, shadow flicker, visual impact, etc.
  • Wind farm basic design: general drawings, design of the internal elements (access and internal roads), drainage systems, control buildings and substation.
  • Design and calculation of foundations.
  • Project management.