Wind Energy

Thanks to the trustfulness of the relationship established with its customers, Solute has been collaborating in the wind industry in an uninterrupted way.

The second field of expertise  to which Solute extended operations was the wind energy industry. Our first works were limited to performing specific and in-depth calculations for distinguished wind turbine manufacturers. Since then we grew wiser and mastered knowledge extending our activities to all areas whilst increasing our capacities. This would not have been possible if we had not worked to create sincere and solid relationships with our clients. Solute’s engineers have dealt with all type of wind turbines and technologies: from small wind turbines for urban purposes to larger offshore models. Thus amounting to broad experience in many market segments. Our assistances concerning turbine development and optimization range from FEA and calculations of different elements in wind turbines to full design and calculation of products. Solute does offer services for wind farm development such as site prospection, wind resource assessment, wind farm design and so on in which defining the suitable technology is imperative. The projects where our engineers have participated along these years, make Solute to have full knowledge of each piece, mechanism or structure that compose a wind turbine and, therefore, how it works.


  • Structural-mechanical calculation and analysis of the components in wind turbines with capacities from 150kW up to 4,5MW, all the components that compose a nacelle: torque shaft, support structures, heat transfer between elements, welded and bolded joints, hub-blade root, hub, yaw, bearings, braking systems, etc.
  • Structural and mechanical analysis of blades for wind turbines of all sizes: 6kW-5MW.
  • Structural analysis of different types of towers and their critical joint elements: steel towers, concrete, lattice and hybrid solutions.