Wind turbines


An historical approach to the Wind Energy

Navigation of the Mediterranean Sea began in Egypt more than 6.000 years ago, along the Nile River, down wind. Alongside the pyramids, buried sailboats were found, they were meant to help the buried pharaohs in their trip to the afterlife.

Thereafter, Egyptians started building ships which sail permitted the navigation against the wind, what permitted the maritime navigation.

Solute Ingenieros-NRG Patagonia: a new 1.5MW Wind turbine

Last year, the Argentinian Company NRG Patagonia with National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, presented a Project for the development of a high power wind turbine in the FITS Energy framework (Funds of Sectorial Energetic Technological Innovation). This funds are managed by the Science, Technological and Productive Innovation Minister through the National Agency of Scientific and Technological Promotion.  

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