Software development

Any technological company that carry out R&D&i projects must pursue to develop its own in-house software.

One of the newest departments of Solute. The natural evolution of any technological company forces to get into the ICT world in order to develop their own projects in the most independently possible way. Currently, the department offers solutions to defined needs of our own or client projects.

  • Implementation of numerical methods to aerolastic codes with finite elements and CFD; use of genetic algorithms and neural networks.
  • Software development for the acquisition, analysis and visualization of data: interactive applications for the treatment of the SODAR´s data, buoys, reports elaboration, etc.
  • Wind modeling, including random generation, prediction and reconstruction of temporal series.
  • Data statistical treatment, as extremal analysis of waves and winds, correlations and hypothesis tests.
  • Integration of own applications with other software as wind turbines simulators and site assessment tools.
  • Management of the Software´s full cycle life.