Renewable energy projects

The company develops renewable energy projects in the whole world thanks to its expertise and knowledge.

The development of power production facilities are the company’s investment in the future. These initiatives are the key to accomplish internationalization. Over the years, Solute has amassed great experience in project development and tailor made engineering solutions to address every issue. In order to succeed in such a mission, Solute has recruited a proactive business development force which is permanently seeking for business opportunities and initiatives in which our skills could be useful. They team up with highly experienced technical staff that has seen a lot and is able to diagnose even the rarest events. This strategy enabled the company to develop international projects and maintain a strong position to embark in large projects worldwide.

Our secret to success in the development of energy projects is the continuous updating of in house knowledge and the ambition to take up new challenges, pushing limits to fulfill client’s demands.

First steps of this line of business, were taken within the wind industry. Initial works had to do with loads analysis and wind resource assessment; logical development of wind farm facilities guided our operations towards performing loads analysis in wind turbines. We continued to analyze these loads in specific sites selected by the clients, where the turbines were to be installed. Solute’s technicians then began to conduct wind resource assessment for small promoters, complete studies where detailed design of the facilities is required: micrositing, access roads, auxiliary elements for O&M and so on. Our clients have become ever more demanding encouraging us to accompany them in their progression.

Showing an entrepreneurial attitude, spirit of its foundation, Solute seeks potential partners with whom to establish strategic alliances in  different fields so as to weave a strong network of contacts and reinforce each other’s operations. This practice has enabled us to leap to other markets and industries like the execution of solar power plants and energy efficiency projects that combine different energy sources: different renewable technologies,  conventional-renewables, etc.

The latest field of interest for Solute is the offshore technology. It is a matter of anticipating the natural evolution of the industry. The initial point was the development of analytical and calculation projects for oil´s offshore´s structures. Taking advantage of this knowledge, and the experience of our engineers in these fields, Solute has developed with success  offshore´s structure ´s calculation projects for wind turbines.