Projects feasibility

The searching for new business opportunities and the development, bids preparation, feasibility studies for projects, are carried out by the business development department.

One of the latest business areas SOLUTE has activated is prospection of business opportunities to develop energy related projects. The company’s business development team is responsible for seeking tendering and bidding processes, request for proposals, participation invites and other initiatives that aim to implement infrastructures for power production. We carry out technical and economic feasibility studies, specific engineering consulting services, project structuring and management, assisting eventually in securing finance for the projects.

For each business opportunity we identify and assess all hurdles that must be overcome in order to accomplish project completion. Pursuing always perfect tradeoff between the technical solution and the cost it conveys. To do so SOLUTE’s experts conduct energy resource assessment in the specific site, micrositing, selection of the suitable technology, logistics, implementation, integration with existing systems, evaluation of coexistence granting functionality, impact on present generators, electricity evacuation and so on. In short, basic and detailed project engineering to obtain a sound, efficient and effective proposal.

SOLUTE offers turnkey solutions to diverse organizations: public and private companies, private individuals and official organisms. Each client has different needs and priorities, to this matter works begin with conversations with the client to define the scope of works, context, boundary conditions, stakeholders and the particular issue to be solved. With all these inputs clear we are capable of delivering a full solution which meets client’s requitements and demands.