The analysis and numerical calculation is the main field of expertise of Solute's engineers.

From the start of operations, Solute has been continuously providing technical assistance to multinational companies in the way they may require: via services of analysis and calculation that support the development of hi-tech industrial products, as well as for punctual projects in which an exceptional precision and accuracy is required. Analysis and numerical calculation are critical tasks in engineering projects. For this reason, Solute has willingly taken multiple qualification tests with great success. Results were satisfactory for the client thus they included us in their supplier panel, easing the RFP processes and later beginning of works for clients in different industries. Each industry has its own standards and requirements and Solute has not failed the entry into any, but has certainly spent some time walking the steps to become an important consultant.

Not only the services delivered but also the way in which they are performed have been key to achieve the steady growth Solute is experiencing every year. The understanding of tools, methodologies, processes and products our engineers have, the teamwork performed among them and also with our client’s team, together with the trustfulness of the business relationships established, have enabled Solute to become a model to look up to in engineering in Spain.

Solute's most antique field of expertise is analysis and numerical calculation, no wonder our team is proficient in developing custom-made designs that perfectly match the client’s requirements.

Since 2006, the company’s performance has evolved from delivering consultancy services exclusively to clients in the aerospace industry all the way to being services provider for strong players in several industries where mastering engineering skills regarding structural and mechanical performance is demanded.