Etulos Solute S.L. is a Spanish engineering consulting, technology service and outsourcing company whose headquarters are located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid. Solute specializes in structural and mechanical analysis of industrial products, pieces and mechanisms conducting various types of analytical calculations and has mastered the practice of developing power projects that involve the use of renewable energy devices and innovative technology.

Since its foundation in 2006, Solute has experienced a continuous growth in terms of staff and revenues only possible due to the close collaboration relationships established with its clients, the outstanding ability of the working force to adapt themselves to the client’s indications (techniques, software, methodology…) thus easing works to the extent possible; reaching out for complementary partners to the tasks and works performed by the company and, finally, the continuous training its’ employees undergo in order to guarantee the the company is acquainted with  latest technologies, techniques and knowledge in the industry.

Corporate culture

Solute shares a culture and values that have been key in the uninterrupted growth of the company since its foundation. This culture has been transmited to all the new employees of the company. Thus, it has become an entrepreneurial tradition and all the staff is identified with it. In this regard, there is no changes nor possible evolution to avoid losing the main objective of becoming a worldwide engineering reference.


SOLUTE Ingenieros offers engineering consulting services to investment companies, promoters, construction companies and miscellaneous manufacturers who demand innovative, reliable and high quality advanced technological solutions not only for operative problems but also for R&D&I projects.


Becoming a highly renowned engineering consulting company for its great knowledge and experience embodied in the projects delivered to companies belonging to all industrial sectors who demand technology.

Core values

These core values define the corporation’s spirit and culture. They reflect on the integration of goals and priorities of the client for each project; they are  and they are SOLUTE’s principles when it comes to approaching projects:

  • Adaptation to the client and the standards of the industry in which it operates.
  • Commitment to delivering in time and accomplishing goals.
  • Fluent communication with clients.
  • Productivity optimization.
  • Intensive dedication.