The total satisfaction of our clients is our biggest worried. All the flexibility, effort and options offered by Solute, pursue to get the maximum possible compenetration with our clients.

Solute base the relationship with its customers in two pillars: the communication and the commitment.

We distinguish two kinds of communication: the communication with our clients, continuous, fluid and looking for the maximum efficiency; the communication with potential clients, hearing their needs, proposing solutions and offering all kind of possible ways to provide our services.

On the other side, the commitment to :

  • Accomplish all the requirements agreed on with our clients.
  • Being flexible to adapt ourselves to the difficulties appeared to our clients along the project.
  • Perform the works with the highest quality demanded, not only by our clients, but also by our own engineers.

Since its foundation, Solute has had a steadily growth in its staff as well as in its incomes. The base of the success is the relationship established with our clients, what has permitted us to count on their trustfulness, increase progressively the collaborations with them and being known by other potential clients, showing their interest to collaborate with us.