Civil engineering

The engineers that conform this department, have knowledge and experience to accomplish any civil engineering project inside the analysis and calculation scope.

Solute has a large civil engineering department with an average experience of about 12 years. The engineers in this department participate in complex projects which have high solicitation in terms of design and calculation of facilities that will house the new nuclear reactors or the foundations and support mechanisms for wind turbines for both onshore and offshore devices, for top tier clients. The knowledge of our civil engineers enables Solute to embark in all kind of projects where civil engineering is a critical task. Activities in this field encompass: elaboration of technical reports, technical assistance for works, performance of all kind of static and dynamic structural calculations…

Solute has not limited its works to projects developed in Spain, it has also collaborated in projects of different nature with prestigious international engineering firms.

Standard slab foundation


  • Design and calculation of buildings that will contain the new nuclear reactors as well as the annexed buildings used to ventilate the main building.
  • Design and calculation of fuel drilling platforms.
  • Design and calculation of foundations for both onshore and offshore wind turbines.
  • Design of the civil engineering required to execute a wind farm: accesses, drainage, platforms, foundations, electric stations, transformation centers,…
Offshore structural calculation for oil platforms and windturbines