Thanks to the skills acquired by our engineers, Solute presents itself as a versatile advanced engineering company, capable to adapt itself with success to any industry.

Our engineers have acquired a vast knowledge only given by the experience gained over many years of activity in the industry. Thus becoming specialists in structural and mechanical analysis and advanced numerical simulation. These skills can be classified according to the nature of the problem, the technique utilized to solve it and the requirements of the industry, and are all put into practice to deliver accurate and excellent solutions which meet clients’ demands, as shown in the results of our clients’ the satisfaction surveys (average of 88% of satisfaction).

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Displacements results in metallic structure

The level of specialization accomplished, enables our engineers to participate in projects of different industries. Adaptation to the characteristic circumstances of each industry or training takes a short period of time, therefore initialization of each project is quick. This makes Solute an extremely flexible company capable of facing new challenges within these scientific fields with no need for large periods of training or adaptation, unlike what is common in engineering companies who wish to be at high level performance.