Solute collaborates in A350-XWB´s project of AIRBUS


SOLUTE has been collaborating, in the aeronautical engineering environment, with several engineering providers of AIRBUS consortium for the last years

The family of the aircrafts A350-XWB is a new generation that will try to get the nitch of market of the aircrafts with capacity between 250 and 400 seats, as direct competence of BOEING 777 and 787.

The project A350-XWB dates back 2006, when a review of the project of the aircraft A350 is accomplished increasing fuselage section, where it comes from the nomenclature (XWB is the acronym of Extra Wide Body). It is a family of aircrafts that is characterized for being very aerodynamic, reduce the resistance to the wind, increase the speed and efficiency of the fuel, besides the use of massive composite material in its manufacture (philosophy already employed in the construction of the A380 model).

Family A350-XWB (models 1000, 900 and 800, from top to bottom)

The family of the A350-XWB has three variants depending on its size, which characteristics can be seen in the next table:

Technical characteristics of the family A350-XWB

ATOS consulting is one of the 20 companies providing engineering services (qulification E2S) that AIRBUS has worldwide. It is responsible for the development of "Section 19" of the aircraft, or tail cone, and the realization of concessions that may arise from the aircraft. At this point, we are collaborating with its product engineering department, generating FEM models, developing calculation methodologies and carrying out structural analysis of different components of the section 19 of the aircraft and also collaborating with the concessions perform.

For the development of the assigned tasks is important our performance with different software as Msc PATRAN or ANSA in the generation of finite element models as well as Msc Patran and Microsoft Excel for the post-process of the obtained results, besides ISAMI software, specific for the components analysis of AIRBUS.

It is recalled that aviation industry was among first industries in which Solute began to work. Since our inception we have been working successfully in different companies and projects. It is this success that has made us to start to apply our experience and knowledge in other areas and we continued to grow. For this reason the aviation sector is key to our current development strategy.


References:, main web of the project , our customer´s web.


Francisco José Écija Sánchez-Porro