R+D proyect in Denmark

From the second half of February to mid March, two engineers from SOLUTE, Ignacio Marián de Diego and Ricardo Palma Polo assisted to Folkecenter located in Ydby (Denmark), under the directions of Tupac Díaz, whom is the link between both organizations, to perform engineering works at their offices.

This cooperative measure aimed to provide technical support in the development of two projects related to wind power energy. The first one regards the implementation of 4 wind turbines of 150kW for a country in the southeast of Asia. Solute’s responsibility in this project was to perform the hub's design and its structural analysis, evaluation of the bolted joints mechanical behavior bearing the union between this component with the blades and a flange & shaft mechanism. The technician, Tupac Díaz explained that the initial phase of the whole project consists of the construction of 4 wind mills for testing and verification. If they comply with requirements the next phase comprehends the production of 30 more units.

The second project has to do with the manufacturing of two commercial wind turbines of 6kW, of which Solute has made the design, calculations and the blade manufacturing planes. Subsequently four blades will be manufactured; three of them to be assembled onto the mill so they can be aerodynamically tested and the fourth one will go through some traction and fatigue tests.

Folkecenter is an independent institution which provides research, development of technology and training in the implementation of renewable energy technologies. This experience has provided us the opportunity of combining the pure technical work tasks with real field work issues. Among all the activities performed, we will point out the visit to the 500 kW onshore wind turbine located in Hanstholm, where we got the chance to ascend up to the nacelle through the tower in order to check all the components that it is composed of like: the hub, the bolted joints,blades, coupling, the gearbox, the generator, rotation and breaking systems of the yaw, pitch system, etc.

This agreement between Solute and Folkecenter has been a really useful and enriching experience due to the fact that our workers had the opportunity to confirm, by means of physical devices, the real applications of all the technical calculations they are experts in. All the technical work provided by Solute and the know-how skills acquired in the work field provided by the Folkecenter have certainly improved our skills.  Therefore we hope this rewarding relationship is a long term one and this first collaboration is only the first of many initiatives.