Entry into the Turkish wind energy sector

Turkey, candidate to join the European Union, despite the crisis and with permission of countries considered as BRICS, introduces itself as one of the countries with greatest economic growth over the last years. Some quarters its GDP has had a similar increase as China’s GDP, showing its candidature as future economic power.

According to Turkish statistical institute(Turkstat),frist nine months of 2011, the increase of the GDP was of 9,6% comparing with the previous year. It will have to wait until beginning of April to know the exact increase of the last year. What is clear is that the growth of recent years will have continuity in time but unexpected setbacks.

One of the main problems that Turkey is facing, and could break its current development, is energetic dependence of neighbor countries. Conscious of this situation, Turkish government is developing an energetic plan with goals to achieve for the centenary of the Republic, in 2023. These goals seek to attain an installed wind capacity of 20.000MW by that year. The total capacity amounted in 2010, was 1.329 MW, therefore development of the industry must be relevant during the current decade.

SOLUTE is making a strong bet on the Turkish market, 2011 was our entry year. On March we visited ICCI2011 fair and participated in B2B meetings that took place during the fair. On December we visited Turkey again to have meetings with potential partners and clients not only in Istanbul but also in Ankara.

As a result of these meetings, and with the objective of getting future collaborations, Solute is holding fluent conversations with Cansu enerji, Enisolar, elkin Insaat and Convex Engineering Consulting. We will inform you about new projects in Turkey for 2012.