Inauguration of Solute´s blog

Good morning,

Today 16th February 2012 we initiate SOLUTE’s Blog. We open up this space to write about diverse subjects we find interesting, about those on which we can provide expert comments due to our experience and other inquiries.

We will go through news, facts and curiosities related to our professional activities, that is; engineering, wind energy, conventional energy, automobiles, calculus, physics, mathematics, meteorology, applications of specific software and so on. In short, we will analyze all the technical aspects which have an influence in our job, those we find controversial and those on which we can provide specialized information.

This application will also be used to communicate novelties in SOLUTE: The events to which we assist as well as the ones we organize, given and available training courses, significant allocated projects and other news.

With this blog we intend to reflect the activities performed by our company, initiatives in which SOLUTE engages and the remarkable commercial actions undertaken. Besides we commit to creating and maintaining an interface where scientific problems or other news related to our industry.

Among all SOLUTE’s employees we will feed periodic entries to the blog, we hope you find them interesting and enriching.