Blog: February 2012

Solute expands its collaborations in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the reference countries in wind energy. According to 2011 figures, it is the country with the highest consumption of electricity generated by the wind, with 28% of the total. With 3926 MW of installed power, it has earned this recognition through the experience accumulated over the past 30 years the development of innovative R&D wind power solutions.

Entry into the Turkish wind energy sector

Turkey, candidate to join the European Union, despite the crisis and with permission of countries considered as BRICS, introduces itself as one of the countries with greatest economic growth over the last years. Some quarters its GDP has had a similar increase as China’s GDP, showing its candidature as future economic power.

Inauguration of Solute´s blog

Good morning,

Today 16th February 2012 we initiate SOLUTE’s Blog. We open up this space to write about diverse subjects we find interesting, about those on which we can provide expert comments due to our experience and other inquiries.

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