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Solute collaborates in A350-XWB´s project of AIRBUS


SOLUTE has been collaborating, in the aeronautical engineering environment, with several engineering providers of AIRBUS consortium for the last years

Monthly record of wind power generation

After a winter characterized by a calmed atmosphere, during which the Iberian Peninsula has been affected by a constant high pressure blocking, April has brought a substantial change. These changes on the atmospheric patterns have yielded into a more continuous passage of low pressure systems, generating frequent unstable weather conditions over the Peninsula characterized by a considerable increase on the precipitations, temperatures below average and an important increase of the mean wind speed all over the territory.    


After participating in Husum New Energy, the last two months we have attended the renewable energy fair ICCI, in Turkey, and Genera, international fair of energy and environment in Madrid.

25th and 26th of April, we were present in ICCI fair visiting our partners and seeking possibilities of collaboration with new companies. On days 26 and 27, we took advantage of our trip to Turkey to meet with companies which were not able to attend the event because of their agendas.

SOLUTE colaborates in the project of AP1000®

SOLUTE is working with Westinghouse Spain (WES) in developing various projects in the field of civil engineering in recent years. WES is part of the Westinghouse Electric Company group (WEC). WEC is the pioneer and global leader in desing and construction of nuclear plants.

ICCI 2012 fair in Turkey

This year, the most important renewable energy fair of Turkey will take place on different dates than usual.

While last edition took place on June, days 15th, 16th and 17th, this edition is brought forward almost two months days 25th, 26th and 27th April. Hence, the fair is placed on the calendar between fairs of New Energy, in Husum, and Genera, international fair of energy and environment, in Madrid.

R+D proyect in Denmark

From the second half of February to mid March, two engineers from SOLUTE, Ignacio Marián de Diego and Ricardo Palma Polo assisted to Folkecenter located in Ydby (Denmark), under the directions of Tupac Díaz, whom is the link between both organizations, to perform engineering works at their offices.

New Energy Husum

Good morning,

And the commercial actions in SOLUTE go on. This time we attended the New Energy fair for renewable energies in Husum (Germany) from 15th to 18th March (

Spain accelerated in the race for the biggest offshore wind turbine

Alstom is ready to release this month a 6 megawatts (MW) offshore wind turbine  prototype designed at its headquarters in Barcelona.
Gamesa will invest 150 million in this business until 2014 and seeks location for its blade factory.
Acciona looks for alliances to take positions.

The race between European and Asian manufacturers of turbines is in its final phase.

Estados Unidos renueva su atlas eólico

Hace ya casi veinte años que el gobierno federal del gran país del norte de América no radiografiaba sus vientos. Y es que su último mapa eólico data de 1993. Pues bien, el Departamento federal de Energía (DoE son sus siglas inglesas) acaba de publicar un atlas eólico de alta resolución que cubre los emplazamientos terrestres y marinos de todo el país.

New supports for the international development

SOLUTE has been one of the chosen companies by Promomadrid and CEIM to participate in the next brokerage event between companies from Madrid and Poland which will take place in Poland on April 16th 2012. This brokerage event will be held under the Enterprise Europe Network framework.


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